Tips on Hiring the Right Cpa

                When opening a small or large business it is a difficult task to choose the right accountant for with you and your company.  Many businesses decide to go use a Certified Public Accountant, which means they had passed the Uniform CPA Examination.  The benefits in using a CPA are that person possesses integrity, professionalism, and is certified by the state.  If you want an accountant that is the most qualified choose a CPA.  When picking a CPA it can mean the difference between success and failure.  A company’s financial records are what make or break your business.


There are many places to look when trying to find prospective CPAs.  The first would be to get suggestions from friends, business associates, or even your attorney.  Ask owners of local businesses you frequent to see if they have any suggestions.  Another way is to look in the Yellow Pages or online at < >.  The last recommendation is to ask your local Chamber of Commerce for names of CPAs who are members.


                When you have inquired a list of qualified CPAs and are ready to interview there are specific questions that you need to ask to make sure you are choosing the correct CPA.  Questions could include: What kind of business advice will you offer me?  What type of services they will offer for clients, including what computer programs they prefer to use?  How much experience they have in the accounting practice?  How do they calculate your fees? (Make sure they will guarantee not to exceed an amount agreed upon up front).  The final question to be asked is what are the benefits of choosing them over another CPA?  Make sure before the interview is over to ask for references and don’t forget to ask to see their CPA certificate.  You should be very thorough, interview several candidates, try to establish a common ground with similar values, and check out their listening skills.  Also, make sure the candidate specializes in corporate accounting and can meet all of your specific accounting needs.


                Once you have chosen the right CPA you must be certain on what their duties are and how they can benefit your company.  There are various services performed by CPAs, such as taxes, bookkeeping, setting up businesses to be able to keep track of records, auditing, which is when a CPA comes in and reviews how you are conducting your business, or lastly consulting, which includes advice from keeping the business alive to expanding your business.  Their main abilities should be to analyze data, record, interpret, and compare it to make important business and personal decisions.  Accounting involves the ability to reason, solve, and propose new ideas.


                When deciding where you want to go with your company your CPA should be able to tell u how to get there.  The CPA shouldn’t just show you the financial paths of where you have been, but where you will be in the future.   Certain qualities and characteristics are needed to be the right CPA.  They include: maintaining good relationships with clients to obtain good service, the ability to recognize needs of their clients to develop personalized strategies and consider the aspects of the client’s financial life, becoming well-experienced in the areas you need, being a good communicator, doing what they promise to do, and having a good network of associates.  A perk should also be having an office location in close proximity to where your business is.


By being well educated in finding and choosing the right Certified Public Accountant it can help provide you with the necessary requirements in opening a new business.   All theses tips can help with allowing your business to run smoothly and efficiently.

Student at West Chester University

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