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Is Your Accounting Practice Using an Obsolete Email Solution? You Could be Surprised

It’s 4:30 – and you decide you want your husband to buy some wine for dinner. You write “Pick up wine” on a piece of paper, roll it up, strap it to one of your pigeons, and send him flying out the window toward home. There.


It sounds ridiculous – but if you use Microsoft Outlook for your email, you might as well communicate with your spouse through carrier pigeon.


Yes – it’s that out of date.


Let me show you how to easily save 10 hours of productivity each month by simply switching from Outlook to a web-based email solution like Gmail.


Problems with Outlook


In the computer technology timeline, Outlook is very old. The technology is outdated; the program simply was not built to accommodate a high volume of messages and the size of today’s email attachments.


Here are some problems you might have with Outlook that drain your productivity:


Your messages pile up – you try to spend time organizing them into folders but you’re still always behind. (est. time lost – 1 hr/wk)
The search function is slow and cumbersome – and the results are often so bloated that you still squander time sifting through messages. (est. time lost – .5 hr/wk)
You can’t view appointments on your calendar with your smartphone or other mobile device. (est. time lost – .5 hr/wk)
You get “Cannot Connect to Server” and other error messages. These come from problems configuring Outlook and they hinder your ability to send and receive emails. (est. time lost – .5 hr/mo)
You struggle with initial setup and reconfiguration challenges. If you’re not a techie, making sure your settings are correct and updated is frustrating and time-consuming. (est. time lost – 1 hr/mo)


A Better Solution

You can now send and recieve email through the Gmail interface using your own domain name using a relatively unknown service called Google Apps. Gmail is 100% web-based, and this saves you time, money, and frustration…


Less Expensive: If you use Outlook, you’re most likely paying for IT support, Exchange hosting, or email accounts through GoDaddy or another domain registrar. In contrast, Gmail is absolutely free.


Easier: With Gmail and other Web-based email solutions, your inbox looks the same no matter where you access it – and you can do so from any computer or mobile device with an Internet connection. Plus, the outstanding search feature allows you to quickly find any email in seconds. Much better than sorting in Outlook.


And because the software is all online – “in the cloud” – you don’t wrestle with installing software or keeping track of updates.


Saves Time: Gmail saves time, too, with keyboard shortcuts. These allow you to compose, answer, and organize your email without ever having to take your hands off the keyboard.


Furthermore, Gmail groups emails into conversations. Instead of getting a new email each time someone replies to a message, all replies are displayed with the original thread. This cuts way down on the number of messages to wade through in your inbox.


Safer: Gmail is backed up on fully redundant servers. If a virus infects your computer, if a hurricane strikes your office, if any disaster compromises your computer – your email remains perfectly secure.


Don’t Use Pigeons – Use Gmail!


Take advantage of current technology. Stop using Outlook – an old email solution – and go with a Web-based email service. When you do, you increase productivity and eliminate time-consuming and frustrating problems.

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Small Business Accounting – A Reasonable Solution to Your Accounting Woes

Are you in constant stress just because accounting work at your firm has become unmanageable? Is it true that you toil hard, spend almost whole of your day in office and yet your work doesn’t gets streamlines? If this is what you have been facing since long time, do not worry and look for some Small Business Accounting help. This will make your firm flourish well with efficiently organized and intact accounting data.

If you are running a small scale business and have accounting task done, then there are several small business accounting firms available in the market. These firms have expert accounting professionals who are well equipped with latest information on handling accounting task and software usage too.

One of the major benefits a business firm reaps via small business accounting services is that one is spared from tallying the balance sheet at the end of the day. Professional help from accounting personnel sorts out smallest to largest issues concerning accounting work.

Accounting standards and policies are such that they keep changing, making it almost impossible for someone other than a CPA to solve them. They need a professional touch. The businessman also needs to concentrate on more important matters other than accounting problems. Since accounts supplement the business, the business needs to stay profitable for accounts to make them look good. For this sole reason the businessman should devote his time growing the business and acquiring new businesses.

Accounting help from outsourcing firms can be of immense help to your business. Also these services are cheaper than recruiting accountants and setting up a whole department in your firm for them. A small time business should be able to bear the cost of accounting service and this is how they can do that. The cost factor is very important in modern day business as everyone is in competition and the prices should be quoted well for the business to make profits. These small businesses need to be extra cautious about their business costs because if they don’t then they get gobbled up by big business houses.

The quality of business also improves because the business gets added help of professionals on how to manage it. Small business accounting services help the business in making important decisions like what the fair valuation of the business is and how to make a profit with the current speed of business activity. The business gets a facelift and improved financial performance makes the profits increase. The businessman needs to know if the stock of goods he is maintaining for his business would be better or not or if the debtors should increase above a particular limit or not. All this information would be supplied by small business accounting at cheap prices, making the business reach at the zenith of success.

Outsourcing firms also deals in SEO help. If you have any problem in optimizing your online business then do consult some efficient SEO NYC firm. They will certainly assist you in optimizing your company’s web portal online so that your business gets global recognition.

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Accounting Firm New York Provides Tax Payment Solution

Accounting firms have been acting as the savior for many individuals and business who want to pay their taxes in time. You must understand that during the tax paying everyone rushes to an accounting firm, not only in New York but in several other places also. Accounting firm New York is the destination for all tax payers, when they have to calculate their taxes on time. Well, if you are willing to pay your taxes, you pay them in time as well. Otherwise you can land up in troubles.

Accounting firms during this time are heavily loaded with work schedule. This is because everyone rushes to these accounting firms to get their tax calculating work done in time. Though there is certain software in the market to help individuals in their tax calculating work, it is recommended that one hires the services of a professional from an accounting firm. In fact an accounting firm is the best source through which one can get their accounting work done properly and on time.

Accounting firms have professional CPAs who are efficient in their work. There are different types of CPAs who specialize in calculating tax for individuals and businesses as well. So if you are running either a small, big or a medium sized business, you must get customized service for your business from the accounting firm. In fact there are several accounting firms in New York that specialize in giving out customized service to their customers.

Needless to say, you must find out the best accounting firm in your city to do the work efficiently for you. You must realize that the renowned accounting firms are not always the best in business. So, take note that you do not get swayed by the bug names. Spare some time from your busy schedule and make a serious effort to find out the top most accounting firm in New York. Word of the mouth is a good way of finding out a good accounting firm. Talk with your family and friends and you will surely come across one.

It is understood that accounting firms will be burdened with heavy workload during the tax paying season. It may happen that they may not be able to meet all their client demand and expectation with the existing staff. To overcome this problem, accounting firms in New York and many other places have taken up the process of outsourcing. Outsourcing is a simple means through which a company can hire the services of a third party to do their work.

Hiring a third party to do the work of an accounting firm has many advantages. The first and the most evident advantage is that the firm will be able to meet all client demand, no matter how heavy it is in time and without any hassles. Another advantage of outsourcing is that accounting firms can save huge amounts of money through the process. The accounting firms can take on as much work as they can and yet deliver to their clients results in time. That is not all since all outsourcing works are managed by professionals, there is no compromise with the quality of the work as well.

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