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Why should people become an accountant?

Why should people want to become and accountant? Throughout this article I explain the importance and the benefits of being an accountant, and answer the question why people should want to become and accountant. Getting an accountant degree is very tough and being an accountant is more than studying for school and going to class, because accounting is more of an art than a skill. Accounting is an art because there is many different ways to get the same answer on the books, however schools only teach you one way to get an answer. The importance of learning how to complete a single task a certain way makes it much easier to learn other ways to complete the same task. For instance, after graduating with an accounting degree, a CPA might hire you, however they will teach a certain way to solve certain problems.

On the contrary, there are many benefits of being an accountant, however I will only get into a few of them. Some of the benefits include wealth, career choices, ability to make business decisions, and also the ability to calculate your own expenses according to your income. The average income for an accountant straight out of college with a BS in accounting is around 50 thousands dollars. Also, there are many advancement opportunities available with an accounting degree. The main advancement for an accountant is a CPA, this is a certified public accountant, however there is also a CMA, and this is a certified management accountant. A CMA is recognized worldwide, where a CPA is generally recognized in North America.  Also, an accountant with a CPA makes on average 70 thousand dollars, so there is always a need to acquire a CPA because it includes a salary bump of 20 thousand dollars. Not only is there a need for accountants, but with a CPA it is possible for an accountant to open up their own firm and in return make more money.

Another benefit to being an accountant is the amount of career choices that come with the major, such as working with a firm, or starting your own firm. However, these are not the only possibilities with an accounting degree because you can also enter into the FBI. There are endless career choices with an accounting degree, because people will always need to have their taxes done. Also, accounting firms hire plenty of students out of college through internships. Working for a CPA firm creates different opportunities for college graduates because it helps build a portfolio, and in return the portfolio will be used to attract new customers. The main thing for an accountant to do with a CPA is to open up their own firm, however it is also the most difficult things to do because people have to trust you with their money.

Not only are the wealth and career choices great benefits to becoming an accountant, but also the ability to make business decisions is another great benefit to being an accountant. In order to be successful in life you have to make difficult decisions, however being an accountant makes these decisions easier because you have the knowledge and the ability to make calculated decisions. The ability to make calculated decisions comes in handy; because you can weigh the pros with the cons and decide weather the decision would be beneficial or harmful to the investment at hand.

Lastly, the ability to calculate expenses with revenue is another benefit of being an accountant, because there is many professions in the world that cannot help you maintain your money. The importance of being an accountant clearly out-weigh any other profession because not only is it the job of an accountant to watch money, but beware of what money is available. An accountant can see what money is coming in each month, and see what the expenses are for the average family, and with this information he can decide where to allocate the money in order to save it for the future. It is very important for an accountant to collect receipts, and save bank statements, so that they can physically see where the money is going, and how much money is physically available.

In conclusion, there are many benefits to being an accountant and the benefits clearly out-weigh not being an account. Every business major in college must take accounting classes just so they have some brief knowledge in the subject. However, being an accountant is much harder than taking a few classes, but the payout in the end comes in handy when becoming wealthy. Also, there are endless possibilities with an accounting degree. So, why should people want to become an accountant? As clearly stated above, there are endless opportunities that lie ahead of an accountant. Also, there is a lot of money to be made in the business, and also the knowledge of how to stay wealthy should make people want to become an accountant.

The Training and Skills You Need to Become a Forensic Accountant

If you ask somebody what their job or profession is, and after they’ve answered, you will probably have a general idea of what they do. Common terms are something we associate with; it helps us to feel knowledgeable about the world around us.

What if I asked you this question, “Do you know what a forensic accountant does?”

Since I associate forensics with science and accounting with numbers, I would have to say they count and number bones. Well, if you thought that too, we’d both be wrong. A forensic accountant does use their knowledge of accounting, but they are also able to use investigation techniques to help solve financial and business problems.

Still sound boring?

Just wait.

What does it take to become a forensic accountant?

You will have to have a bachelor’s degree in accounting. It will also help to be a CPA, Certified Public Accountant. You may want to add CFE, Certified Fraud Examiner to your list of credentials.

You will need to possess a strong attention to detail. Most people have this trait when working in this field, but having an investigative mind is an asset to your profession. It does take an education in accounting but it also takes somebody who has a desire to help solve crimes.

You could be working bankruptcy, money laundering, and even capital crime cases. Anything that has to do with business dealings, analytical research and being allowed to be curious while working is what sets you apart from a regular accountant. You’ll still be using your accounting skills but as more of an investigator.

Are you getting interested now?

Why would you want to be a forensic accountant?

Why not?

It would surely be one of those interesting careers that would cause people to ask questions once you’ve told them; and who doesn’t like to tell people about what they do for a living, especially when it is intriguing.

You would be working with legal issues such as money laundering and fraud. Forensic accounts often look over other peoples work too to see if any avenues haven’t been explored, they are always hunting for patterns. They are allowed to be investigative and still work within the scope of their profession. Since a forensic accountant deals with many legal cases, they can also participate as expert witnesses.

If you watch Law & Order: CI you may have seen a character named Leon Martel. He plays a forensic accountant on the show. Television helps to recognize unknown professional and there is no doubt that those who do work in this field know the importance of their contribution. There’s no guarantee that a spin off show will be produced based on this character, but its interesting to see what a forensic accountant does while assisting law enforcement.

It is sounding better and better isn’t it?

How rewarding is a career as a forensic accountant?

It’s very rewarding. You’ll be able to work for insurance companies, financial institutions, local law enforcement or even the FBI.

If you love to join this rewarding profession, I encourage you to do more research on the web. You can do this by visiting websites that cover the profession in more detail.

Note: You are free to reprint or republish this article. The only condition is that the Resource Box should be included and the links are live links.

Copywrite Kenneth Echie. Kenneth writes for Criminal Justice Schools. Get free scholarship report and learn to become a Forensic Accountant by visiting. See Also: Extra Income Secrets

How To Become A Qualified Professional In Accounting

This question may be raised by anyone who is going to build his career in accountancy profession. Of course it’s very natural that smart people always keen to get some proof of the competence and skills they possess. Same happened with me when I’ve just started my career in accountancy firm, but it was easy for me to decide on as there were too many good advisers around. However there are lots of people who considering to develop in accounting but they are currently not employed in any accounting area and don’t have any relevant academic background.

Therefore, in this article I’ll try to briefly address the following issues:

* What do you need for obtaining professional qualification and becoming recognized in accountancy profession ?

Professional qualification in accounting is granted through various certificates issued by accounting bodies in the most countries worldwide. This qualification can be obtained after you already have some academic degree. Such bodies are acting throughout the world in the form of organizations, associations, societies, etc. Mainly they all have 2 objectives:

Protect public interests by setting high standards in profession’s practice (including certification process) and protect interests of professionals. However in real life their activities often repeat ones of labor unions.

But today across the job market accountants possessing such qualifications are considered to be capable and credible for wide range of careers, offered higher positions and paid almost twice more than those who doesn’t have it. Apart from that accounting qualification automatically gives an opportunity for ordinary accountant to be promoted for managing positions in any company.

There is a presumption that such qualification is necessary only for people who work in practice (under practice it means companies providing accounting, auditing, tax, financial advisory and similar services). But even assuming it to be partially fair, it doesn’t still mean that possessing such qualifications in industry will not entitle you to higher salaries and opportunities.

* What are the most recognized and respected professional qualifications in accounting ?

Mainly all such certificates can be obtained upon passing certain set of examinations and proving practical experience. However most of accounting certificates are recognized only within the country where the issuer (professional body or institution) resides. When it comes to internationally recognized and really valuable certifications there are not so many around the world. If we take only those which may really add value to your resume records the list will be like following:

ACCA – issued by UK based Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (www.accaglobal.com). – more practice oriented, internationally recognized certificate.

ACA – issued by UK based Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales. www1.icaew.co.uk – more practice oriented certificate.

CIMA – issued by UK based Chartered Institute of Management Accountants. www.cimaglobal.com – more industry and management accounting oriented.

CPA – issued by USA based American Institute of Certified Public Accountants www.aicpa.org – widely recognized in practice and industry within US and Canada.

* What are entry requirements for starting professional qualification ?

Minimum entry requirements vary depending on country, but the most of professional qualifications in accounting are open to anybody with some previous higher education. In some countries it even possible for school leavers to start with certain terms and conditions met. For more details you should refer to web pages of bodies stated above.

Generally what you need for sure, it is good skills of English especially written. Previous experience or knowledge of basic accounting would be an asset as well, but not that critical.


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