Simple Formula to Achieve Guaranteed Success For Your Accounting Practice

One of the best ways that I know to build any accounting practice effortlessly is to position yourself as an expert in your field. When you position yourself as an expert, you have instantly differentiated yourself from your competitors. The best and most powerful way to become an expert is by authoring a special report.

I call it “education-based marketing.” You write a report that solves a problem that is being experienced by your prospects. When your prospects read your writing, you’ve educated them and they realize you are the expert. You have positioned yourself as the expert in your field.

In this article, I will share with you a simple formula I use to write special reports. Let’s say your CPA firm provides accounting services to small business owners. Here’s how you would approach this:

1) Identify 3 to 5 problems (a paragraph for each problem) your clients and prospects are facing.

Here are three that come to mind:

• Erratic cash flow
• Poor record keeping
• Pay high taxes

2) Write the solution (paragraph for each solution) to each of these problems.

These could be:

• Prepare a cash projection for the year or keep an eye on overheads with accurate financial reports
• Develop systems in your business or use an accounting software, etc.
• Proactive tax planning

3) Write a headline and a sub-headline for the report.

Here are several:

• 7 ways small businesses can save on their taxes
• The best legal structure for your small business to minimize taxes
• 5 ways to increase the cash flow in your small business

4) Send the “un-edited” report to an editor
An editor will help you embellish the special report. You will find dozens of editors who can help you with this task relatively inexpensively at

5) You are now an author. Authors are perceived as experts. You have differentiated yourself from your competitors.

Once you’ve got the report, you will be able to use this special report in multiple ways. You could send it to reporters in your local news market to get publicity; include a brief press release that highlights what’s most newsworthy in your report and gives the reporter contact information so they can call you if they have any questions. This might result in a news story, but it might also result in the reporter calling you later when they’re working on a story you might be able to comment on-more publicity.

You will also make use of the internet to leverage this report in several ways. You can use the report to generate new prospective clients by posting it on your website and giving it away in exchange for visitors’ email information or contact information. You can also create multiple articles out of the material in the report and submit those articles to hundreds of search engine directories to improve the ranking of your website. Finally, the report can be used to create at least 10 to 20 emails for your weekly Ezine.

Go ahead, follow the simple formula I have shared in this article to write your special report to get “expert status” and achieve success in your CPA practice.

Salim Omar, The CPA Marketing Genius, is a practicing CPA and founder of the Genius Marketing System, the proven step-by-step system that shows you how to attract more clients to your CPA practice and increase your income without working more. To receive your FREE Audio CD titled “12 Marketing Secrets – How To Attract Quality Clients” , visit The CPA Marketing Genius

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