Marketing Wisely to Cpa’s


When you are marketing to CPA’s and they are your main audience, you already know how difficult it can be to get their attention and keep it. Your clients are going to be part of a highly aggressive, extremely motivated, very busy group of people and unless you can offer to keep up, no matter what you are selling, you will find that you are going to get left behind in the dust! For people who are looking to market to CPA’s, nothing is going to be more important that putting together a list, that is, a formal accounting of all the CPA’s that you are in contact with and who are interested in hearing from you. Maintaining and adding to this list are going to be two of the most important tasks that you need to take care of.

When you are looking to market to CPA’s, remember that you are dealing with a demographic that greatly respects the written word. Particularly if you are looking at an older crowd, you will find that you can still cannot beat the personal contact that an

mailing campaign will get you. However, keep in mind that with CPA’s coming into the field at all times, and with these individuals having a great deal of knowledge about computers, email and methods of mass communication, you will find that you should not neglect your email marketing campaign efforts either. When you are looking at making sure that you give your CPA’s the attention they need, remember that communication is an important thing to keep in mind.

Another thing that you need to keep in mind is that many CPA’s will have several different points of communication. Some will prefer to work over phone and fax, while others refuse to do anything that isn’t available online. This is something that will vary depending on what they are used to; there is a wide gap between the CPA’s who are getting ready to retire and the ones who are just entering the field, and you will find that if you are a good marketer that you cannot afford to ignore either set.

When you are looking at putting together your CPA marketing list, you will find that the more information that you can put on it, the better. You cannot afford to have a client on that list that you cannot reach and you will find that if you persist in trying to reach them in a way that they don’t like that you can kiss their business goodbye. Whether you are looking to find out what their needs are, or you have software that you want to offer them, take some time to make sure that you will be presenting it in a way that is acceptable to them.

Remember that your CPA list should be validated and updated; don’t waste time with defunct entries. Make sure that your email list is DNS validated and that your direct mailing list is matched up against the National Change of Address (NCOA) postal database. Don’t waste your efforts on people who are not really there!

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