Marketing Tips For The Cpa And Accountant In Public Practice

It may prove a bit too much to read at one go — and we also add materials constantly — so please bookmark this site to ensure you find back when you want.�

On this web site, you will find a wealth of information from the practical viewpoint of a small-to-medium sized firm of accountants or Certified Public Accountants. There are more than 100 letter-sized pages worth of articles here.

Above all, we have specialized in creating ready-to-use marketing tools that are comfortable to use and suit the unique role of the accounting professional.

CPA firms in 45 states and accounting practices in 30 countries use these cost-efficient techniques successfully.

On you will find marketing strategies that ARE suited for a low cost, continuous marketing that small to medium sized firms are currently using worldwide.

The marketing, advertising and promotional strategies of big CPA & accounting firms are not suited for smaller practices – we don’t have the unlimited financial and personnel resources like they do.

Successful systems for obtaining new year-round clients are rare.

But what about giving the TOOLS for accounting professionals they could use without the need for all this motivating, training, new ideas for adding value and whatnot?

The “accountancy marketing market” seems to be overflowing with great orators, clever theories, ideas for adding value, and motivational seminars lasting several days.

Yet practical systems of client-acquisition for accounting professionals are few and far between. I’m talking about the “meat” — securing the exact tools and instructions of WHAT TO DO TO OBTAIN RESULTS.

Smaller CPA and accounting practices need inexpensive and easy-to-use methods for marketing accounting services.�

Simeon Nava

The CPA Marketing has been one of the best ways to make money money fast and easy, i use it and i have a great results.?

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