Help Your CPA Website with Pleasing Graphics

Your content can be perfect, but it’s worthless if no one wants to read it. It doesn’t matter if your website has a high ranking in Google. If your page isn’t interesting to read, your high ranking is useless.


You’ve got just seconds – at best – to grab the attention of a new visitor to your CPA Website and convince her to read all your carefully optimized and edited content. Just one or two interesting graphics is enough to connect with a casual visitor long enough for her to become an interested reader.


Appealing to the people that visit your site is easy: clear, high quality images of yourself, your office, your local area or anything else unique and relevant to the content on your page will do. Appealing to Google with those images is a little trickier. Google, after all, can’t see pictures.


To make sure that your pictures are optimized for search engines you’ve got to help Google understand what your images show.


* File Names- Take a look at your pictures’ file names. If you pulled the image directly off your camera, it probably has some generic file name like the time and date the photo was taken. Give it a good descriptive file name. Include a keyword, if possible .

* Alt Tags- When adding the image to the page, use the Alt and Title tags. The alt tag text will display whenever the image cannot be loaded. The title text will display when your mouse hovers over the image. Like your file name, use a keyword here if it makes sense.

* Keywords- Google considers the context of the image, so be sure that your keywords are represented in the text surrounding the image. A page full of images may be fine for your human readers, but it doesn’t help Google much. Give Google something to read.

* Update Your Pictures- Update your images occasionally. Google loves fresh content and images are no exception. When you update your content, bring in some new images too.

* Relevance Is Key- Relate your images to your text and your text to your keywords. Provide what people want to see, and Google will find it.


In short, think about your images the same way you think about optimizing your text for search engines. Make your web copy and your images relevant, helpful, and attractive to your readers, and Google will reward you.

Brian O’Connell is the CEO and founder of CPA Site Solutions, one of the country’s largest website design firms oriented solely to accounting websites. For more useful tips visit his CPA websites oriented squidoo lens.

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