Go Green: Sell Your CPA Firm with a Monthly Email Newsletter

Meet Diana. She runs a catering firm and is always challenged with paying her five employees on time.


Although Diana likes her accountant, she’s overwhelmed by her finances. Her accountant sends her a CPA newsletter now and then – in the mail. The tips sometimes look useful, but she never reads them.


Now meet Angela. With her own business – she has three employees for her landscaping outfit – and two kids nearing college, she’s busy, too.


Nobody would deny that a monthly accounting newsletter pays in terms of both client retention and client acquisition. Your existing clients will appreciate that you’re taking time to keep them informed. Prospective clients, however, often require some time before they close. A monthly newsletter is the perfect way to keep your brand in front of them while you wait for that critical moment when, for whatever reason, the prospect finally needs your CPA services.


Angela gets a CPA newsletter, too – straight to her email account. She stars it and reads it later, when she has more time.


Last week, she read an article about the best college savings plans. She went straight to her accountant to set up a new account.


Both of these accountants are savvy business people. Both have websites and both get the concept of networking, but Angela’s accountant has learned how to use the website to cut her newsletter costs and make it more effective.


Emailed Newsletters Are Better for Clients and Prospects…


Clearly, Diana’s newsletter isn’t doing her any good.


Angela, however, gets a lot out of hers. It educates her about financial matters and gives her action steps that help her manage her complicated finances. It also helps her stay more connected to her accountant, which helps her feel in control.


Emailed Newsletters Are Better for Accountants…


With an emailed newsletter, a CPA firm is more efficient – saving time and money – and it has stronger client and prospect relationships, which leads to more clients and better client retention. Why?


Here are 6 reasons…


1. Saves Money: An emailed newsletter is far cheaper than a paper one. Let’s compare costs:


Costs of Paper Newsletter

• write content or buy license

• design and layout

• paper

• ink

• printer

• labels

• postage

Total = $800-$900 per issue / $9,600-$10,800 per year


Costs of Emailed Newsletter

Total = $0.00 (included in your web suite)


2. Saves Time


Not only do you have to pay for all the materials when you send a paper newsletter, but also you need to take the time to coordinate the writing, design, printing, and distribution.


Your emailed client newsletter is automatically uploaded to your site and then emailed to all your clients. If you want to take a few minutes to add a couple custom messages, you can; or just leave it as is. Your clients still receive a superior product.


3. Clients Actually Read Them


When clients receive a newsletter in the mail – stapled over, black and white – they usually recycle it. They have too many competing needs, and opening a piece of mail that’s not a bill is low on their list. They also might not choose to keep it around so it won’t clutter their living room.


Emailed newsletters, on the other hand, can be archived and read when the client has the time. Further, more and more people are used to reading and gathering information online. It fits with their schedule – they can read it at work, on the weekends, or on the commuter train. Design your email newsletter to drive the reader to your website. This way even if they don’t decide to act on the actual article there’s a good chance some other service will catch their eye that actually inspires them to act.


4. Go Green


Everyone is going green these days. The less paper and ink you use – as well as fuel for the delivery trucks and cargo jets – the better for our planet and the cheaper it is for you. Going green is good marketing, but it also saves you money.


Clients appreciate less waste, too. Emailing a newsletter reflects well on your firm.


5. Stronger Relationships


When client or prospect get an emailed newsletter, they hear from you once a month. If they have a festering tax or financial question, all they have to do is it “reply” to send you a message, or see your phone number on the newsletter and give you a call. This not only brings in new clients, but increases billable hours for the client you already have.


It’s a monthly reminder that you’re there and it provides a super-easy way to get in touch.


6. The Way of the Future


There’s no question that fewer and fewer professionals will send paper newsletters in the future. Email is the method used for all types of transactions, and that will only increase. Everyone needs to make the switch at some point.


CPA newsletters are for more effective when they’re emailed instead of mailed.


Just imagine being able to sit back and let clients come to you! Make the most of today’s online opportunities. It’s easier than you think. Most website providers include an emailed client newsletter with their service. If yours doesn’t there are provders that can plug one in for you. It benefits both you and your clients.

Brian O’Connell is the CEO and founder of CPA Site Solutions, one of the country’s biggest web design businesses dedicated solely to CPA website design. His company at present provides websites for more than 4000 CPA, accounting, and bookkeeping firms.

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