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If you’re looking for a custom designed CPA and accounting website, here are some things you should consider. Done right, your website will be an effective marketing tool, improving your company’s bottom line. These pointers will improve your site, turning visitors into clients and providing valuable services to your existing clients.

1. Your website is for professionals – while its content shouldn’t be dry, it also shouldn’t be too flowery. It should speak to your target audience (those requiring accounting services), and it should explain why your services are best for them.

2. Respect your visitor’s time by making the information they need easy to find – in addition to being attractive, your site should be user-friendly and easy to navigate. Make sure that the team you hire has competent designers, as well as a skilled technical department.

3. Your website should be more than an online business card. Position yourself as an authority with compelling content and tools – tax calculators, FAQs, and financial guides demonstrate that you have the practical knowledge to help your clients achieve their financial goals.

4. Enhance the value of your website with tools for your clients – for example, a file transfer system that allows them to easily and securely exchange sensitive files with your firm. In addition to saving you time by making transfer of large files easier, a secure system like this will build your client’s trust in you by demonstrating that you value their privacy.

5. A monthly newsletter is an easy way to build loyalty and stay in touch with your client base. Many website designers include automatic monthly newsletters – take advantage of this feature to keep clients up-to-date on the latest tax laws and information.

6. Make yourself accessible to your clients – contact information should be prominently displayed on your site. Ensure that the contact info you post is up to date, and provide easy ways for clients to request appointments and information with contact forms on your website.

Following the rules above will result in happy and satisfied clients and an ever-growing client base.


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