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Today’s business world has growing demand for accounting professionals. Widespread business activities demands for proper accountability which is not possible with out properly managed accounting systems. Accounting and Finance sector brings with it more jobs, more prestige and more money. It is one of the most vibrant fields that include everyone from tax advisors to FBI agents, from CPAs to environmental activists. According to one of the biggest online job search engines finance, accounting salaries rose incredibly high in 2007, base pay for finance and account professionals is expected to rise 3.8% overall. If you are planning to get career in the growing field of accounts and finance then checkout your community college which should be offering associate’s degrees in accounting. Undergraduates can earn a bachelor’s degree in accounting or take accounting classes as part of a business degree. MBA students can choose concentrations in accounting, and some schools offer master’s degree in accountancy (MAcc).

While your MAcc course you will be prepared for the CPA exam and the Certified Management Accountant (CMA) examination in addition to courses in financial and managerial accounting, research, business valuation, cost management, information systems, auditing, policy, taxation and consulting services. Whereas MBA programme with specialization in accounting emphasizes upon general management and business coursework as well as in depth accounting applications and concepts.

It is important that you take care of few of the precautionary steps discussed below:
• You should be pretty comfortable with computer if you are to be an accountant. You will need to use computer software’s to do everything from processing financial records to auditing systems to analysing budgets.
• Getting some professional experience is really important. You should try and get some hands on experience by doing internship or by working on a project for a company or some family friend business. This will give you exposure to the professional accounting systems and will be a source of valuable learning.
• Accounting has wide range of specialised courses. It is important that during your training you try to figure out your area f interest. Best thing is to take several classes relating to that specialization to make your resume as comprehensive as possible when you go job hunting.
• Try to take courses and attend trainings related to the accounting field, which you might not be studying during your main stream degree in accounting. For e.g. you might consider taking a class in budget analysis or information technology consulting to increase the scope of your knowledge.
• Learn a new language! This is not compulsory but it is always good to know a second or third language as it opens door to innumerable opportunities. Accounting firms represent multinational companies and prize their employees who can communicate with these international partners.

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