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Accounting Standards: Follow the Magical Accounting Rules

To make sure that financial statements are easy to understand, there is a set of rules and practices that is established, which is known as the generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP). This has been developed to provide a basic guideline for the rules of accounting because I think it’s fair to say that it can get confusing at times. There are a lot of variations to the meaning so here is the best answer.  It’s the generally accepted accounting rules and procedures that are necessary to define accounting practice. Basically it’s a set of theories that accountants come to accept, and there are always controversies with some methods between accountants like any other field of study.

Accounting is a discipline that is always growing and changing so it’s a good idea to keep up to date with all of the trends that are going on. Since the management prepares the financial statements of a company it is possible that a financial statement can be altered to give a company a particular boost. So, that’s why the companies that sell their ownership to the public needs to get their financial statements audited by a public certified accountant. A certified public accountant (CPA) are licensed through the sate for the same exact reason lawyers and doctors are, so they and protect the public by providing the highest quality of professional service possible.  The reason why CPAs are used is because they have no connection with the company and are independent. They have zero financing ties with the company.

Some firms that employ a lot of certified public accountants include Deloitte & Touch, KPMG, and PricewaterhouseCoopers. An accountant with no strings attached or is independent commonly performs an audit, which is evaluating a companies financial statements, product, accounting systems, and records.  The main purpose of an audit is to make sure that the financial statements have been properly prepared according to the excepted accounting rules. Keep in mind; since accounting is not a precise science it has room for interpretation according to the GAPP. 

However, that doesn’t mean that the accountants report should contain substantial errors in the financial report, but more like that for the most report it is reliable for creditors to take a look at.  An accountant can make a decision only when the financial statements conform to the guidelines of GAAP.  In the past creditors, banks, and investors tend to favor an auditor when they are deciding to invest in a company or give loans, because of their independence.  The individualistic audit is an extremely crucial factor in the growth of financial markets internationally.

Also, many organizations can directly or indirectly influence a GAAP. The Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) is the most critical body for the development and issuing of rules on accounting practice. The website I previously listed is extremely critical and you can attend seminars online for no cost, and also stay up to date with the rules.  This independent body issues the Statements of Financial Accounting Standards. Next, the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) is the official professional association for certified accountants. It’s the largest CPA organization that exists in America and heavily influence accounting practices through its senior committees. 

The Securities and Exchange Commission is the agency of the federal government that legally has the power to set and execute accounting practices for companies that sell security to the public, and it has a large impact on accounting practice.  Next, the governmental accounting standard (GASB) is critical for accounting because its main job is to issue the standards for accounting to the local and state governments in the United States.  However, a lot of these organizations are focused on the rules in regulations in the United States.

There are a lot of businesses and accountants internationally so that’s why the International Accounting Standard Board (IASB) was formed.  It was approved by more then 25 international agencies.  The U.S laws that analyze the revenues for the cost of operating a business can also affect accounting practice. It’s no question that the major provider for income for the government comes from income tax. The income tax rules are heavily applies by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Sometimes these rules actually cause a conflict with the accepted rules of accounting. A lot of businesses use accounting practices because it’s a requirement by tax law.  Also, companies can use the rules of tax law to their advantage financially.  Accounting also has laws of conduct for profession, and one extremely important one is ethics.

It touches bases on questions that help determine if something is either right or wrong, and is based on moral decisions. Most people are faced with several ethical issues each day and, and some ethical activities could be on the range of illegal. If a business decides to use false or misleading advertising, or to bribe customers into giving them testimonials for a specific product, then they could be acting in an unethical manner.  The ethics of a company could also be a result of the employees so that’s why it’s always a good idea to run a background check of who you are hiring, whether it’s online or offline.  Professional ethics is the guidelines that apply to the conduct of individuals of a certain profession. 

Similar to the ethical actions of a company, the ethical actions of an individual is a decision.  As being a member of an organization, accountants have to take the responsibility not only to their customers and employers, but also to the general public to act in the greatest ethical way possible. Accountants are very good at following professional ethics because they are the second professional group as having the largest ethical standards, with clergy being the highest, no surprises about that one.  It is important for individuals who decide to become an accountant to have the highest levels of professionalism as possible.

To enforce that its prestigious members are following the rules, the AICPA along with each state have adopted some codes of professional conduct that certified public accountants have to follow.  Some simple rules are being responsible to the people that depend on the trust of accountants, such as creditors and investors. When working with people the accountant must act with integrity which means that they are honest, and the individuals gain from the visit with the accountant. The accountant must display objectivity which means that they are intellectually honest, and they must remain independent which means that they must avoid any relationship with the business or individual because it will damage the accountant’s principles.

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Earning An Accounting Degree Can Now Be Done Online

Obtaining a college education is a breeze these days. With online courses that provide so much convenience, students are no longer burdened by driving, walking and waking up early to attend classes in a traditional school. Many people are not amenable to pursuing an online degree program because they believe that online degree programs are not as good as traditional ones. They should know that these online courses do offer the same extensive instruction and training that the brick and mortar schools give to students.

One in-demand degree course that can be pursued through an online program is accounting. Accounting deals mostly with numbers, notably in measuring and communicating vital financial information involved in transactions. There are actually various types of accounting and these include auditing, bookkeeping, cost accounting, management accounting, financial accounting, social accounting, forensic accounting as well as public, internal and external accounting.

An online accounting program covers a wide range of topics but generally, these are auditing, accountancy methods and fields, accounting principles, concepts and conventions, individual and corporate taxation as well as accounting tools.

The main objective of an accounting course is to provide students with the proper knowledge of these different aspects of accounting as well as in technical accounting and prepare them for their professional certification exams.

Students have two options for using this online accounting program. They can choose to earn an associate degree in accounting which takes two years to complete or a four-year bachelor’s degree. An advanced program in accounting can be pursued by working professionals who have earned a bachelor’s degree but who wish to earn a master’s degree and advance their career.

Online courses are not only convenient but also very flexible, and are accredited by the proper agencies so students can expect to get their money’s worth. The flexibility these online programs offer is also an added bonus, as it allows students and even working professionals pursuing formal and advanced education to learn at their own pace and time. Besides the fresh high school graduates, professionals working in the banking, financial management, insurance, investing and information technology can also greatly benefit from this program.

A career in accounting is one of the most secure and high-earning jobs that you can get today and continues to be in great demand worldwide. The National Association of Colleges and Employers revealed that in 2005 alone, new accountants with a bachelor’s degree in accounting received record breaking starting salaries. Major accounting firms are also continuously hiring thousands of accounting graduates each year to increase their staff amid a recession.

On the other hand, the certified public accountants (CPAs) have the chance to advance their career by pursuing specialized fields. They can expect to land in lucrative jobs with great signing bonuses and salaries. Authorities in the field of accounting see a good future for aspiring accountants as the existing CPAs approach or reach their age of retirement in the next 10 to 15 years. This then gives new accountants better opportunities to advance their career. In fact, a 2008 survey by Trendlines showed that more than one-third or 36 percent of CPA firms in the U.S. will be increasing their workforce in one year’s time.

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New York Accounting Firm – The Solution You Are Looking For

Accounts and the recruitment of accounts has always been a headache for entrepreneurs who don’t know how to manage them. Small scale business units have faced major problems because of the wrong calculation of profits and stock-in-trade in their balance sheets and profit and loss statements. The question then arises is how can this problem be solved. One solution is hiring an accountant preferably a CPA to handle accounting worries. But then this becomes very expensive and in present day market condition where due to recession and competition, there is a lot of cost cutting, the salary and perks paid to an accountant turns out to be highly expensive. Where cost cutting is the motto of the day one simply can not afford to hire a CPA anymore. What the recent trend has changed into, is taking the help of New York accounting firm to manage all the accounting worries.

It is mandatory to keep the books of accounts updated on a daily basis for which one has to take professional help if one doesn’t know how to prepare accounts. Accounts are the face of the business. They are used by not only the shareholders but also the creditors, debtors, government and prospective buyers. Thus it’s very important to have just and regular accounts maintenance.

New York accounting firm charges a very nominal rate for its services and offers all the help one needs to tally the balance sheets and income statements. The fees aren’t that high due to various reasons like outsourcing and managing work of a lot of other businesses. It’s not that far and has professionals with a lot of work experience manage your accounts. Another advantage is that this will give a business the third person perspective and one can make decisions without emotional attachment. The New York accounting firm has a lot of professionals working so if there is any doubt then they will all help in solving that. Plus they also manage work for firms in the same industry and peer groups so one has a fair amount of idea what practices they are using and can compare their standards to the business.

When one hires a CPA then there is only one person to do all the work and this often gets boring and complicated for one person to handle reducing the productivity levels and making the work place monotonous. When a business takes help from New York accounting firm they don’t have to worry about the space the professional would occupy since they have their own office. This is particularly helpful for small businesses where there is a lot of shortage on work areas.

New York accounting firm not only helps in the preparation of accounts but also advices the business to take new steps and what projects to venture in the future according to the market scenarios and the firms solvency. The firm’s net worth is also calculated by accounting firms so that if the business gets a buyer with a 25-40% profit they can consider sale. An accounting firm also saves firms from the constant threat of acquisitions by peer companies by using certain accounting policies.

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